Lane Departure Warning

The application range of Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning is a system to assist the driver to reduce the traffic accidents cased by lane departure by alarm.
Lane Departure Warning system consists of image processing chip, controller, sensors, mainly scanning the road dividing line, and then to provide on-board computer to determine, and next remind driver to maintain the correct road by sound and light.
This prevents the driver from lane departure due to inattention.

The feasibility of Lane Departure Warning

The system provides intelligent lane departure warnings, that alert the driver 0.5 seconds before departure from the lane when unintentionally deviating from the original lane, which providing more response time for the driver and greatly reducing collisions due to lane departure. The main function is to remind excessive fatigue or to solve a long time monotonous driving caused by lack of attention and so on. Constantly testing lane line, If the car will soon cross the lane line in the normal driving , the system will issue a soft alarm.


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