motion detection

The application range of motion detection

The motion detection must be set up well in the car camera before using.
Then in the parking time, once a certain range of objects in front of the camera moving, driving recorder will automatically open and record.
Motion detection is effective for parking monitor, such as preventing scratches
or collisions which is except stopping Scrambles. Additionally, in the period of driving, it is recommended to close the motion detection, so as to avoid the system automatically open the mobile detection causing leakage seconds when moving objects before car camera in a certain range.

Motion detection feasibility

When we leave the car, the recorder can monitor the direction of the lens,
to a large extent, it can record theft of vehicles, maliciously scratches and hits,
Which can provide great help to legal rights.
The motion detection can automatically turn off the screen and record when there is no change in the front environment, which not only saves the power demand of the vehicle, but also saves the space of the memory card. The key is to record critical content!



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