Back up radar

Application of back up radar

The full name of back up radar is Reversing Anti-bumping Radar, or Parking Assisted Device, which is normally installed at the front or rear bumper, so as to detect objects in front of the car or at the back of the car. It makes driver be aware objects/persons and the distance.

Application of back up radar

The back up radar consists of ultra-sonic sensor (he so-called probe), controller and display (or buzzer). The probes detects distance between the car and the objects/persons, utters siren sound to warn the driver. Siren sound can be put into two phases. When the car is close to the object/person falling into the range of warning, siren utters high-pitch sound. When the distance is further narrowed, siren utters continuous warning. 

During the process of back up, radar helps driver see what they cannot see through rear mirror, and warn the driver in obvious means about objects/persons nearby, eliminating blind spot and unclear vision, hence improve driving safety.



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