Time-laps shooting

Application of time-laps shooting

Time-laps photo/video shooting is done at relatively low FPS then played at normal or fast speed. The slow process of change of view in time-laps video, is compressed to a short period of time, hence the spectacular view naked eyes cannot detect. Time-laps video shooting is considered the opposite of high-speed video shooting.

The process of shooting time-laps video with camera is just like production of Stop Motion. Put individual pictures together and we have a dynamic video.

Application of time-laps video shooting
Interval of photo shooting (not exposure time)

Normally the frame rate of video ranges from 24 to 30 frames per second, or we can refer it as 24 to 30 images per second. As mentioned above, time-laps video shooting is to compress images taken within long time period into short time period. Select the appropriate shooting interval for each photo is critical in achieving a piece of footage which looks natural. The principle of selecting appropriate time interval is that, faster of view change, shorter interval.


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