Application and feasibility of 1080P

Chipset is just like CPU of PC, which collects image data and compresses it, being the core part of a dash cam. Currently in the market there are six major solution providers: Ambarella), Zoran, Novatek, STK, SQ and Sunplus. Based on the criteria of recording resolution, dash cams can be categorize as: 1080P(1920x1080), 720P(1280x720) and VGA(640x480)

VGA(640x480) is used in early dash cams, and the solution used is STK, SQ and Sunplus, normally used for low end dash cams, very low cost.
At the moment, 720P is the most cost-efficient configuration, using Novatek and Zoran solution, to reach 720P. This is the medium and high end solution.
By using STK, SO and Sunplus solution, VGA(640x480) can be interpolated to 720P(1280x720), but this is not true hardware decoding. The actual visual effect of VGA(640x480) is not upgraded, but the recording has taken up more memory of the dash cam. After long time operation, the dash cam may be down frequently, with missing frames. For dash cam of 1080P with 30 FPS, only Ambarella and Zoran solution can support. Visual effect with Ambarella solution is better than Zoran, but the former is more expensive.

In the order of performance of chipset: Ambarella > Zoran > Novatek > STK, SQ > Sunplus







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