Back up view

Application of back up view

With technological advancement, back up view system has improved a lot, and can be used on various types of vehicles including private car, bus, school bus and passenger bus. Each product has its own features, either on structure, look, performance or cost. There are three types of back up view system: Digital display, screen display and multi-function back up mirror
When you are backing up, you can have a clear view on the rear end of the car. This is very practical for back up safety. When the car is backing up, the system is automatically connected to the HD back up camera at the rear end of the car, with image displayed on the LCD.

Feasibility of back up view function

When the driver is backing up, the back up system can display the rear view to assist driver.
Back up system is used for back up and for indicating distance, making the driver aware of the surroundings, to avoid accidents.


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