Application of 1440P
Resolution refers to pixels displayed on screen.
Dash cam resolution can be put into a couple of categories: 320*240P, 640*480P, 848*480P, 1280*720P,1440*1080 P and 1920*1080P. The 1440P refers to resolution of 2560*1440P, with static pixel reaching 18MP.
 From the perspective of industry standard, 1080P is referred to as Full HD, while 720P is referred to standard HD. Based on this means, 1440P is regarded as Super HD.
Feasibility of 1440P
Higher number of pixels in an image means closer to the original image. The main function of a dash cam is to record details in accidents, with photo shooting function. Pixels of dash cam is available with two types: Dynamic pixel and static pixel. Normally static pixel is 12MP, while SIV dash cam pixel can reach 18MP.



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