Bluetooth connection

The application of Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth technology has a rule: there must a primary role and a vice role when two Bluetooth device communication. Communication must be carried out by the search of primary role, initiate matching, once the connection is successful, the two sides can send and receive data.
 A device with Bluetooth communication can switch between the two roles, usually in vice role and waiting for other devices to connect. If necessary, converted to the primary role, initiate a call to other devices. When a Bluetooth device initiate a call in primary mode, it need to know the other parties’ address and pairing password, then initiate a call.

The feasibility of Bluetooth connection

It is common that answering a phone when driving in the street, which is not only violate the traffic rules but also easily happen security risks. Especially the China new traffic rules launched from January 1st, 2013, in which clearly states that: the vehicle drivers who dial and answer the phone will be punished 2 points, some areas even give economic penalties to the drivers who answer phone according different situations. Therefore, the car camera with Bluetooth emerges in the application of safe driving.
Bluetooth technology allows some modern car driving recorder to cover the four functions of hands-free answer, dial, call, caller ID. Thus, external telephone contact is much more convenient and safe.



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