GPS navigation

The application range of GPS navigation

1.Improving safety: making strict checks on vehicle speed, route, fatigue driving, emergency and other safety problems to ensure the safety of life and property.
2.Cost control: real-time tracking, positioning and monitoring, and historical lines, status, fuel consumption, mileage and various costs compare with the actual (bus private, lied bridge, tolls, high-speed fee). That’s the important basis of Vehicle management system. Cut the waste and loss of public resources.
3.Improve the Efficiency: Science and Technology is the First Productivity - IT. Vehicle location, status and other information real-time updates and established the fastest information channel with the monitoring center to ensure the company's management to develop the best work program to reduce the workload to achieve scientific management, greatly improve the utilization of resources and turnover rate.

The feasibility of GPS navigation

GPS navigation system refers to the global real-time positioning and navigation by satellite, short as
GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS navigation system must have indispensable three elements: GPS terminal, transmission network and monitoring platform, which can provide functions of vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, travel route monitoring and call command.



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